Allendale Fibertech Corporation

Technical Textiles & Insulation Systems

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Woven Roving

Allendale Fibertech Corporation is equipped to weave technical fibers for a variety of applications. The flexibility of our looms allows processing densities from the finest yarns to the heaviest.

Per customer request, we can engineer & design fabrics which are made from various fiber families, such as Glass, Basalt, Kevlar, Carbon or even metal, to mention a few. This means that there are very few limitations.

We can process small sections of just a few inches wide up to 153″. The machines are reinforced to process heavy fabrics up to 65 oz / sq yd. Our flexibility and know-how is ideal also for commission weaving or toll-processing.

Woven fiberglass roving is used in the manufacture of swimming pools, boats, tanks, pipe and conduit systems, and many others.

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