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Laminated Composites

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Allendale Fibertech has a laminating line that is capable of laminating a broad range of composites including fiberglass and other technical textiles such as basalt.

Shown in the header above is a 24 oz. S-1 glass woven roving from our Dornier 400 cm. loom. The laminate is a 3 mil. satin finish aluminum.

The heat reflective qualities of aluminum greatly increase the textile's natural resistance to radiant heat. Aluminum laminated fiberglass has application in many situations where heat sensitive equipment and materials need greater protection.

Aluminum laminate fiberglass is used in the manufacture of motor vehicles, shipbuilding, chemical conveyance, and construction.

We also laminate fiberglass and basalt needle mat and basalt board. Allendale Fiberglass is well positioned to address your unique needs for thermal protection and recommend a reliable solution.

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