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Thermal Solutions and Insulation Systems

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Due to our in-depth knowledge about high temperature insulation materials, customers approach us for researching and developing solutions in order to reach or exceed their stringent application requirements.

Based on the customer’s commitment, we are then equipped to invest in the technology to manufacture the final designs.

Allendale Fibertech Corporation is well positioned to fill a gap in the US industrial market, which is lagging behind competitive industries in Europe and Asia. Several contracts are currently being negotiated with American companies.
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In 2014, Allendale Fibertech introduced a product , which we call Pyrotecto™ for the consumer as well as professional markets. The base Fabric is made from 100% fiberglass, which is coated with a water repellent Silicone coating. This unique design allows for many creative applications.
- Valve covers – Insulation pads – Welding Blanket for light welding or vertical surface protection – Fire Blanket – Hearth Rug
- Tarp
- Grill Mat
- Gasket – many other

As a Silicone Coated fireproof blanket, PyroProtecto finds many applications to increase safety in almost any environment:
Its unique design (fireproof and water repellent) makes it also ideal for outdoor applications.
The coating also locks in the fiber, and you therefore do not feel the itch from fiberglass, as you would from other fiberglass fabrics.
It is easy to cut with a sharp knife, which allows you to modify it for your personalized needs.
Suggested Applications for PyroProtecto

At Home: 
  • Kitchen
  • Indoor fireplace
  • Outdoor fireplace
  • Work shop
  • Grill cover
  • Cover for firewood
  • safety blanket on boats
  • boat cover/ tarp
  • patio cover
  • tent cover
  • Transportation (tarp & fire blanket) – Please provide us your design requirements
  • Hotels (fire blanket)
  • Restaurants (fire blanket)
  • Public buildings (fire blanket)
  • Military (fire blanket, tarp)
  • Party accessory (fireblanket, grill mat, tarp)
  • Insulation pads
  • Weld pads
  • Valve covers
  • Flexible expansion joints
  • Gaskets
  • Tadpole gaskets
  • Door Seal

For more information, visit
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PyroProtecto™ Grill Mat

Our grill mat has been well received by homeowners, who have been purchasing this product on line. The PyroProtecto™ grill mat has advantages that make it appealing to homeowners:

  • Non-Porous - Does Not absorb grease.
  • No need for grease build up. Just wipe clean with soap and water.
  • Fire-Resistant*
  • Can double as a fire blanket in an emergency situation.
  • Non-skid surface on both sides.
  • Very thin -- easy to step over.
  • Rolls up for easy storage.
It is available in three sizes with competitive pricing:
  • 30" x 40"
  • 40" x 60"
  • 60" x 80"

*ASTM-6413 - Flame Resistance:
Char Length = 1/16” max.
Afterglow = 1 second max.
Flame Out = 1 second max.

Temperature Resistance:
Cold - Stable at –67 degrees F
Heat - Stable at +500 degrees F
for 1000 hours

* ASTM is a standard laboratory test used to rate the vertical
flame resistance of textiles.

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