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Virtually all fire pits are either square or round, but fire tables are often longer than they are wide. A number of customers have requested custom sizes for DeckProtect, and this is completely possible. You just need to know whether the fire table sits on some sort of feet as most do. If this is the case then the custom DeckProtect can have the same dimensions as the fire table, as shown in the illustration above. The fire table's feet will sit within the sides of the DeckProtect.

To place a custom order, please send an email to Let us know what dimensions you need. We may advise you that a combination of standard sizes will work. For example, if the dimensions you need are 30" x 60", you may be able to simply order two 30" square DeckProtects. After we know what you need, we will respond with a quote. To place the order, make your payment with the payment tab at the right.
Please let us know if you would like to have a slot for a gas hose and where that should be.

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